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Taste of Recovery is a guided self-help psycho-educational mini-course that helps the user cope with the day-to-day following trauma. Waiting for help, for an indeterminate amount of time, is a major pain-point for survivors struggling to survive. In licensing Taste of Recovery, your service users will no longer need to wait for help whilst they're waiting for help.

The ReConnected Life Taste of Recovery helps people to move beyond merely coping, one day at a time. It helps people to take control of their own reality, and become their own rescuer.

Delivered as an online course, the ReConnected Life Taste of Recovery provides all the essential tools to begin or continue the healing journey. Through this guided self-help users become empowered to have self-compassion, to rescue themselves from fear, and to build the foundations for their ReConnected Life.

These techniques are drawn from my years of one-to-one counselling, group therapy, psychiatric treatment, my coaching training, my neuro-linguistic programming skills, and my extensive reading over all the years of my recovery path. I'm confident that by applying these lessons users will feel more in control and on the way to feeling much better.

It's been developed primarily for women who have recently experienced sexual trauma, but the techniques included have also been found to have great value to those who have been living with unresolved trauma for decades. And whilst the focus in creating was for women who have experience rape as adults (I can speak only to my own experiences), the material is equally valid and of value to men, trans & non-binary people, and all those who have experienced childhood trauma.

Endorsed by RSVP in 2017, and since by another 15 organisations (and counting…)  to offer for free to their service users.


The Taste of Recovery is an online mini-course. It was designed as a three week course, with three modules, and five lessons in each module, but can be accessed in any order, and over any period of time.

Each lesson is crafted to enable the material be consumed easily-digestible snippets. No mini-class is longer than 20 minutes. Learners can watch or listen at their own pace, in their own comfort.

3 modules.
15 videos (5 per module)
Available in audio, and transcript too.
A downloadable workbook for each module, for self-completion at the learner's discretion (to keep their own notes, should they wish).

No one should be waiting for help, whilst they're waiting for help.

Want to arrange a time to talk? Email me at emily@reconnected.life


We have all been hurt, and we all need to heal.

When we are empowered with the knowledge of WHY we are feeling the way we are feeling, WHY we responded the way we responded, WHY our body and our mind are seemingly betraying us, then we can re-build our self-compassion, and let go of that self-blame.

When we are equipped with the knowledge of HOW to rescue ourselves from our panic attacks and anxiety, when we know that we DON'T need to rely on others, when we know that we CAN rely on ourselves, then we can start to stop cutting ourselves off from life and living.

When we practice self-care rituals that everyday build our internal strength and resilience, then we begin to RECONNECT into our body, into our relationships, into our world. We learn how to manage our own symptoms. We start to discover what recovery could mean. A light appears at the end of the tunnel. And it gets brighter.


  • 15 mini-classes, covering material from the 3 parts of Recovery: Response, Rescue, and Resilience
  • Almost 4 hours of video content – also available as audio-only downloads
  • Over 40 different techniques or tips
  • A downloadable and printable workbook each week
  • Creation of your own safe place meditation with personalised mantra
  • Daily rituals records templates
  • Lifetime access to the learning

Emily is an excellent coach who is gently challenging so I don’t stay stuck in my thinking. Whilst at the same time making me feel safe about sharing anything I am thinking or feeling without feeling silly. The tools she has given me help me feel confident to handle any situation. I would highly recommend Emily’s programme to anyone who has suffered a trauma.


Endorsed by RSVP, and 15 other organisations (and counting…)

I'd love the opportunity to speak to you about licensing Taste of Recovery. So that you can offer help to an unlimited number of your service users for free, whilst they're waiting for other help from you. Available in 1 year, 2 year, or lifetime licenses. Flexible terms. Let's talk. 

No one should have to wait for help whilst they're waiting for help.

To find out more about Licensing Taste of Recovery, please email me at emily@reconnected.life

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