Rape is not a life sentence.


You are not forever broken.

What was done to you was atrocious. And you can move forward from it, whole again.

The #MeToo movement has started to turn the dial; rape and sexual violence is part of the cultural conversation, societal attitudes are starting to change.

A shift is happening. Perhaps frustratingly slowly.

But it is happening.

Wouldn’t you like to feel that shift for yourself? In yourself? To let go of your shame and self-blame? To feel on solid ground, to trust life?

  • If you’ve been holding on for years, or even decades…
  • If you thought you’d always be broken…
  • If you thought this was the best life could be…
  • If you’ve built a life, career, family but feel like you’re holding on by a thread…
  • If you’re disassociated from your body, it’s just a vehicle you live in…
  • If loving yourself is a far off concept…
  • If intimacy is disconnected, or impossible…
  • If you desperately yearn for something more…

I can help

I came up with the ReConnected Life coaching programmes because they are what I wish I had had when I was recovering from rape.

After I had been ‘cured’ of PTSD, discharged from the psychiatrist, I didn’t trust my recovery; I had fallen back into the abyss too many times before. It was in my training as a coach and Master NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) that I learned the tools and techniques that I knew had I had access to earlier, I would not have spent the years preceding in the abyss.

We shouldn’t have to fashion our own healing pathways. I can provide the map, and guide you on yours.

But don’t I need counselling?

You might. If your trauma is new, a therapist is often your best bet. A safe place to make sense of the story, to sort the pieces of it in your mind is a very necessary step.

But there comes a time when telling yourself your story starts to hold you back. There’s that saying – ‘the habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it’s time to thrive.’ New neuro pathways need to be created, ones that will open up the world to you, not close it down.

With me as your guide, we’ll together build you a solid foundation from which to gently turn any open wounds into scars. We’ll work together to integrate the story you’ve been telling yourself into a part of your life, not the whole of your life.

I work with the conscious, and unconscious levels, integrating into the cells of the body too. I always close my sessions with a meditation to embed our learnings into the unconscious, and to ensure you leave the sessions empowered and at peace. Many of my clients describe this part as where the ‘magic’ happens.

Most importantly, you’ll let go of all that was holding you back, moving past your past, and into your bright future.

What people say

Of course, maintaining anonymity is very important to many of my clients. Names have only been attributed with explicit consent.

“Emily’s way of working is so gentle yet so supportive and empowering, encouraging me to take ownership of myself and my responses to the world. She has totally got my back through this, and that is exactly what I need right now.”

‘LUCY’, business owner, wife, and mother

“It was only last year that everything felt impossible most of the time, and I can’t remember having a bad Clare-day in months. The worst day I’ve had in the last few months probably has more in common with one of my not-so-bad days last year.”

CLARE NAUGHTON, business owner, wife, and mother

“It is so deeply comforting to be able to talk to someone who understands at such a fundamental level what I've gone through and how devastating it was – both the rape and its aftermath – and who can also offer such a message of hope for the future.“


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