Healing pathways

Trauma-informed coaching for women who want to move past their past

You deserve to be living your full, whole, best life.

What happened to you was terrible. It was worse than terrible. You didn’t deserve it. It’s not fair that even after all these years, it still has a hold on you. That’s wrong.
On the outside, everything looks great. You have a wonderful family (or, like me, you’ve made peace with not). Your partner is often confused as to why you find intimacy difficult, but he’s understanding and patient. At work, they have no complaints.

But, inside. Inside you’re worried that one day your daughter will see you kicking the sofa when you have a breakdown. Inside you flinch at the thought of saying no again tonight. Inside you hate that you’ve just gorged on all that chocolate, you’ll have to run further tomorrow. Inside you want to scream.

It’s exhausting isn’t it? Pretending to be fine. Fine. Aerosmith got it right when they called it, f*&ked up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.

And feeling those things. Constantly feeling on the edge of insecure and neurotic.

It reduces your self-worth and self-esteem until all there is, is self-hatred.

You yearn to feel like the empowered, strong woman that the outside world sees.

The ReConnected Life programme is for you if:

  • If you’ve been holding on for years, or even decades…
  • If you thought you’d always be broken…
  • If you thought this was the best life could be…
  • If you’ve built a life, career, family but feel like you’re holding on by a thread…
  • If you’re disassociated from your body, it’s just a vehicle you live in…
  • If loving yourself is a far off concept…
  • If intimacy is disconnected, or impossible…
  • If you desperately yearn for something more…

Together, we can decide which option is right for you.

All my coaching packages are tailored to you, and your individual needs. You determine the pace. Where you’re at decides the detail of what we’ll cover. All healing is different; and all healing needs elements of the same. All coaching is held over Skype or Zoom, from the comfort of your own home.

Rescue & Rituals

For women who need support to re-establish their foundations and stand on solid ground.
3 sessions

90 minutes each

6 weeks

Learn the tools & techniques
to rescue yourself


ReConnected Life

For women who want to finally let go of the past and step into their whole selves
6 sessions

120 minutes each

3 months

Support in-between
sessions over email


ReConnected Life

The signature programme, plus additional support to embed learnings into your life.
9 sessions

120 minutes each

6 months

Support in-between
sessions over email

Prefer to work in your own time? Check out Taste of Recovery.

Not sure which is right for you? Book a call, and we'll have a chat.


How does coaching work?

Coaching gives you a supportive safe space to explore what’s going on for you and learn new skills that enable you to design the life you want to live – and live it.

My approach to coaching is trauma-informed through my own experiences, and compassionate. If you want a drill-master, that is not me. Instead, if you slip off the path, I gently nudge you back.

Don’t I need counselling instead?
You might. If your trauma is new, a therapist is often your best bet. A safe place to make sense of the story, to sort the pieces of it in your mind is a very necessary step.

But there comes a time when telling yourself your story starts to hold you back. There’s that saying – ‘the habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it’s time to thrive.’ New neuro pathways need to be created, ones that will open up the world to you, not close it down.

What do we discuss?
Whatever you are comfortable sharing. I won’t press you on anything that you’re not ready to confront.
Do I have to go ‘there’?
No! Many people believe we have to unpick the story of what happened and face into it. I am not one of those people. You have been living that story already for so long; you don’t need to face into it anymore. We work slowly and gently around the edges of the wound, until one session, usually around session 4 or 5, you’ll notice, it scarred over.
Are our sessions confidential?
Yes! As well as it being the absolute right thing to do, I am a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) who’s ethics code rightly insists on confidentiality. I am also of course compliant with GDPR and data privacy requirements. Of course, it’s not two-way: you’re allowed to share whatever you want to anyone you want.
Why do you have two-week gaps in your sessions?
Simply, a week isn’t long enough to absorb the lessons of one session, and do the work that needs doing between sessions. With any new habit, the rituals I will get you to adopt won’t ‘take’ overnight. You’ll need to keep focusing on them. Two weeks gives you space to do that.
Why are your sessions 2 hours?
It takes time to get to the deep stuff. My style is to never rush you there – that approach might work for business coaches, but we’ve got a different topic and it’s important to give it the time and sensitivity needed. Have you ever had a counselling session, you were just getting to the ‘good stuff’, and it was time to end? Me too. Hence, the two hours.
I’m worried about how I’ll feel after a session
I recognise that you’ll have a life to get back to after our sessions; you can’t be an exhausted melted heap. This is why I spend time at the end of every session with a meditation, that not only embeds the learning into the unconscious, but also leaves you empowered and at peace.
Where do we meet?
Sessions are held over Skype or Zoom.

It’s best if you can arrange to meet at a time and place where you won’t be interrupted and can talk in private.

Do I have to be on video?

Whilst it is helpful to be able to see your facial expressions, some of my clients (initially) prefer not to be on camera. And that’s perfectly ok too.

Can I pay in instalments?
Yes. We’ll discuss any requirements and come to a mutually agreed solution.

What people say

Of course, maintaining anonymity is very important to many of my clients. Names have only been attributed with explicit consent.

“Working with Emily was just what I needed to finally move on. I had been stuck since the attack over 20 years ago; I had struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. Through various therapies, I had largely learned to manage the anxiety and panic, but was aware that I had never fully dealt with what happened to me, and it was still there, lurking under the surface.

It took a lot to pluck up the courage to deal with it, but when I started working with Emily she immediately put me at ease. She has an incredible way of being present and listening, providing exactly the support I needed.

The most refreshing thing was not spending a lot of time dealing directly with the attack, but putting it into the context of my whole life. I can’t begin to describe how healing this is, in allowing me to deal with all the emotions surrounding the attack and recognising all my strengths that I have been using since the attack.”

LB, business owner, wife, and mother

“I couldn't look in a mirror – now I'm comfortable making videos. I felt shame and depression on a regular basis, now I enjoy going out with friends regularly and feel so positive about my life and relationships.

I laugh more, joke more, dance more – she really has given me back my life through her amazing programme of guided meditations, helpful strategies, and coaching and challenging me in a caring way.

You deserve this programme so find a way to get on it – you won't regret it. Regret is another thing you'll leave behind.”

NB., teacher, wife, and mother.

“I contacted Emily for help when I realised that events from 23 years ago were still affecting me. However, I had no idea that her coaching program would be so transformational, I just thought she'd help me stop triggering myself.

With her support, I found out, for the first time in my life, who I really am. I know how to put boundaries in place so I don't feel that I'm compromising myself or giving myself away. I've learnt skills and strategies to prevent the overwhelm and I'm a far, far happier person. She's taught me to love and accept who I am, and that's life-changing.

I'm now ready to take on the world. Thank you.”


“It's an absolutely brilliant programme ♥ I'm so glad I did it. Genuinely life changing xxx”


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