Sleep Rituals
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To sleep. Perchance to dream. It’s often a dream to even sleep. Sleep. It’s a basic human function, as basic as breathing. And yet, such an attainable dream sometimes.
I remember being so frightened of what sleep might bring, I’d keep myself up so late, sometimes I’d only sleep in the day, life felt safer that way. Then, when I had to sleep at night, because I was supposed to actually be working during the day, I would struggle to get to sleep, struggle to stay asleep, struggle to wake up.

In this video, I talk through some of the things that have worked for me and some of the things I always encourage my clients to put in place to get a restful night’s sleep. Because when we’re tired, everything feels harder.

Has this advice been helpful? What else has worked for you in getting to sleep? Share in the comments below.

Sweet dreams. All the love xx



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