ReConnected Power

Rape changes us
It happened a lifetime ago. You’ve made a life. You’ve maybe even given birth to life. And yet. It still has a hold on you. A grip that is slowing you down. On the surface you’ve got everything sorted. Wouldn’t it be great for that to be true, inside?
The ReConnected Power healing pathway takes a unique trauma-informed approach to the One of Many™ Soft Power coaching programme, designed to leverage the feminine wisdom inside us all and create real, tangible transformation that lasts.
ReConnected Power™ is a 12-week one-to-one coaching programme, which will give you the tools to truly thrive in ways you possibly only imagined. Through getting to know your PowerTypes™, this programme nurtures, encourages, enlivens, the you that’s been hiding deep inside and allows you to step into your Power and thrive.
Are you ready to discover your Power?
12 x 90 minute weekly sessions
Personalised coaching, tailored to you
Holding your hand, every step of the way
Trauma-informed application of the One of Many Women’s transformational coaching programme
Unlimited email support
ReConnected Power is an adapted version of the One of Many women’s coaching programme, with specific focus on the unique needs of the trauma survivor who has been holding on tight for possibly decades and is now ready to step into her Power.


I work with women who’s history of rape & sexual abuse is preventing them from moving forward with their lives. I am now able to take limited bookings. To book a no-obligation chat, sign up here.
Stop surviving. Start living.
When you have recovered from the trauma, and no longer let fear stop you from living; When you have rediscovered who you are, and have learnt to love yourself ‘after’; When you have reconnected your mind to your body, your future to your dreams, yourself to others; Then you are living a life that is no longer broken; no longer fragile, no longer in pieces.
You are living whole. You are living a ReConnected Life.

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