The Power of Scent
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Scent, and scented oil has been a life-saver to me.  When I take a sniff, I’m instantly transported someplace else, someplace calm.  It creates a barrier to my other senses, keeps me grounded.  And so I carry it with me everywhere.
I was first recommended to buy a scented oil by my psychiatrist. She had one in her office and would make sure it was positioned close to me during our sessions.  I got quite used to reaching across for it, taking a sniff… I bought my own, and started carrying it around with me. It proved to be a lifesaver.

Watch this video, and hear more about scent and scented oil.

What are your thoughts?  Is this something you could gift yourself? 



  1. BT

    Yes, scent is powerful and I recently bought some roll-on scents. However there is someone on my floor in work who has severe asthma that can be triggered by such things so I only use them at home. We don’t always know who will get a severe asthma attack or a migraine from a scent 🙁

    • Emily Jacob

      Hi – yes you make a really good point. If you’re worried about carrying scent around with you because it might cause someone else distress, then you could just make your own little carry-around of infused cotton wool wrapped in a plastic bag, or even an infused rice bag. And you don’t need to put the oil on your skin to get the results – just open the bottle, take a sniff, close it again. No-one need even know. Sending love.


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