My journey to here
ReConnected Life
I’ve been avoiding this ‘niche’ for a very long time…

I really didn’t want to spend my time, my energy, my days, surrounded by stories of pain, of suffering, stories that just reminded me of my own pain and suffering, that I’d spent so long to get over, that I’d lost so much over. Friendships. Family relationships strained. Job performance questioned. My mind, the times I almost didn’t wake up next day. The times I almost put in practice plan B.

And I really didn’t want to make money from other people’s suffering….

How was that even going to be ethical? How would I be able to sleep at night, knowing that the roof over my head, the food on my table, the clothes in my wardrobe, were all bought by the fact that other women had been raped too?

But how could I not do this?

My journey to freedom, to not feeling worthless, to not feeling shame, to being the whole of me, has given me a set of skills and tools that I know can be life-changing for so many. It would be the utmost selfishness not to try to help all the too many who experience rape and sexual & emotional abuse every day. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror, if I didn’t even try.

And so, I am building the ReConnected Life Experience…

It’s in development right now. I’ll be launching a beta version to a select few later this year. The hope is that the programme will be available to everyone, worldwide, whoever needs it.

Watch this space, good things are just around the corner…


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My story of life after rape

When every day is a fight for survival, it’s hard to believe that things can actually get better.

Hope is a very powerful drug; we need more of it to bolster our recoveries.

My hope is that my personal story will give you hope, that your life will get better too.

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