ReConnected Experience

Rape changes us
You tell the world you are fine. You tell yourself you are coping. But inside you feel fragile and broken. You numb yourself to the pain. What more should you expect? This is just how life is now, isn’t it? Not necessarily.
The ReConnected Life Experience will take you from merely surviving, to living, whole again.
Delivered as an online course, or through one-to-one coaching, the ReConnected Life Experience will take you from a life of self-blame, of feeling out of control, of distrusting yourself and others, of living a small & narrow life; to a life of joy, of variety, of confidence. The future will be something to look forward to.
We are all different.
We respond to help in different ways. Some people prefer the anonymity and privacy of working through the programme online and in their own time. Others value the support that one-to-one coaching provides to keep you moving forward even when the going gets hard.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

“I can’t recommend the sessions highly enough! Working with Emily is amazing, she just understands exactly what I need so much better than any therapist I have ever worked with. I have been dealing with this stuff for a very long time now, and really feel like I am making those big, deep changes that are sustainable. Her way of working is so gentle yet so supportive and empowering, encouraging me to take ownership of myself and my responses to the world. She has totally got my back through this, and that is exactly what I need right now.”
‘LUCY’ business owner, wife, and mother
Are you ready to take back control of your life?
ReConnected Life
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If you want help to move forward, tailored, personalised, one-to-one coaching is for you
Your Life
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If you prefer the anonymity of working through guided self-help material by yourself
Counselling helps treat, and can cure, our symptoms of panic, anxiety and fear. Coaching can help us shed self-blame, shame and redefine ourselves again. We’re usually left to our devices when it comes to reconnecting our minds to our bodies, ourselves to our loved ones, ourselves to our dreams.

The ReConnected Life Experience uniquely combines knowledge of all 3 elements through Recovery, ReDiscovery and ReConnection, enabling us to take back control of our lives and live the full & whole life we deserve.

Rape does not need to be a life sentence.
Let me guide you to your ReConnected Life.

Let’s start at the very beginning.

Once you develop a true understanding of what has happened, what is happening to your body and mind, and realise what your choices are, you will feel empowered, ready to start the Recovery process.

The modules will help you will learn self-compassion for what you have endured, and finish with renewed confidence.

You will find yourself experiencing more of life, as you will no longer feel the need to hide away from the world in an effort to protect yourself.

Your sleep will improve and you will have started to incorporate daily practices that will lead to the critical reconnection between mind and body.


Discover what to expect from the trauma, and how to respond to others.

Liberate yourself from panic and anxiety.

Build strength by introducing rituals into your daily routine.

We have all been changed.

But the question ‘who am I?’ doesn’t need to be answered with the label ‘victim’, ‘survivor’, or ‘broken’ anymore.

Once you have learnt how to sit with your story, and know that it is part of one chapter of your life – not the definition of your life: then you are free to rediscover yourself. Reclaim what was lost and redefine who you want to become.

The modules will empower you to believe in yourself.

You will let go of self-blame, of shame, of feeling ‘less than’. You will have a renewed faith in possibility. You will be excited for what you can become and achieve. You will feel liberated and free.


Learn how to let go of the self-blame and shame.

Reclaim what was lost and recreate who you want to be.

Start believing in yourself again.

Show up in the world, confidently, as yourself.

Healing through connection

It is well documented that the most critical factor in healing from trauma is our ability to connect with others. It is also well documented that whilst the obvious symptoms of trauma are in our heads, it is our bodies that hold onto the pain, showing it in other ways, often long after our heads have been re-wired.

Reconnecting with others, as well as with ourselves, is vital for full recovery and living as a whole human being again.

Through the modules you will discover a deeper understanding of your mind-body connection, and will leave with a route map to deepening your mind-body connection over time.

You will reconnect with family and friends on your terms – and your intimate relationships will be more fulfilling for you. You will feel in community with others and with the world.

You will reconnect your present to your dreams, and finish with a view to making those dreams reality.


Learn how to revitalise your mind-body connection.

Re-establish connections with family, friends, and loved ones.

Find your place in your community.

Connect with the future and your dreams again.

Disclaimer: The ReConnected Life Experience does not claim to cure PTSD or other mental health issues related to trauma. I am not a qualified counsellor or therapist; I am a qualified coach & NLP Master Practitioner. The ReConnected Life Experience will help you be more empowered to feel less fearful of impending attacks as you will have the tools to rescue yourself.
Emily is an excellent coach who is gently challenging so I don’t stay stuck in my thinking. Whilst at the same time making me feel safe about sharing anything I am thinking or feeling without feeling silly. The tools she has given me help me feel confident to handle any situation. I would highly recommend Emily’s programme to anyone who has suffered a trauma.
‘NICCI’, business owner, wife and mother
Not yet ready for the full ReConnected Life Experience? Want some help in taking your first steps towards recovery? 

Recovery Rescue & Rituals

Recovery Rescue & Rituals is a one-to-one coaching programme, holding your hand through the initial steps to recovery.

Taste of Recovery

A Taste of Recovery is a three-week online guided self-help mini-course, the first steps in taking back control.
Stop surviving. Start living.
When you have recovered from the trauma,
and no longer let fear stop you from living;

When you have rediscovered who you are,
and have learnt to love yourself ‘after’;

When you have reconnected your mind to your body,
your future to your dreams, yourself to others;

Then you are living a life that is no longer broken;
no longer fragile, no longer in pieces.

You are living whole.
You are living a ReConnected Life.

Take the first step

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